Why Air Jordan 1 colorways like the Rebellionaire are so popular

Why Air Jordan 1 colorways like the Rebellionaire are so popular

Mar 25, 2022

Some sneaker silhouettes will continue to remain popular, even after decades of their launch. The Air Jordan 1 is one silhouette that is amongst them. These kicks are one of the most Trending Sneakers for Men out there, thanks to Michael Jordan’s endorsement of the Air Jordan brand.

The story behind the Air Jordan 1

Air Jordan 1 marks the beginning of the highly successful Air Jordan brand, which is worth a whopping $3 billion today. Nike started this sub-brand with a then highly promising young basketball player, Michael Jordan.

In those days, the NBA had a stringent rule stating what could be and could not be worn during NBA basketball matches. Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan 1 to his rookie NBA season even though the NBA didn’t allow it.

The NBA fined Michael Jordan $5,000 for every match where he wore these shoes. Nike used this as an opportunity and paid the fine on behalf of Michael for every match. Michael’s amazing performance on the court certainly helped matters.

So much, that the Air Jordan 1 was an instant hit when launched. Initially, Nike had estimated they would sell about a hundred thousand pairs of Air Jordan 1s. By May 1985, they ended up selling more than 3 million pairs.

To date, Nike has released and re-released several colorways of the Air Jordan 1, many in collaboration with leading celebrities. Almost every colorway launched gets sold out within minutes, many have to Pre-order sneakers for a chance to buy one.

The Air Jordan brand has become so successful, Nike converted it into a standalone brand. Even today, sneaker fanatics are waiting with bated breath to Buy Air Jordan 1 Rebillionaire iteration that is scheduled to be dropped on March 18.

All about the Air Jordan 1 Rebillionaire

This March, Air Jordan comes with a unique colorway celebrating the first Air Jordan sneakers. Dubbed Rebillionaire, it takes inspiration from Michael’s snub to the NBA’s rules.

This colorway comes with upper containing panels in black, white, and particle grey. Besides the legendary Nike Swoosh, the sentence ‘They can’t stop you from wearing them’ is covered all across the upper in a graffiti design. This is taken in context to the hugely popular Nike ad celebrating Michael’s rebellion against the NBA’s uniform rules. 

The sneaker comes with a white midsole on a grey rubber outsole to complete the look.

Wrapping Up

The Air Jordan 1 is no more just a basketball shoe, the various colorways make it a fashionable asset in any wardrobe. However, those who intend to Buy Air Jordan 1 Rebillionaire shoes, may need to hustle and book themselves for a chance to buy these sneakers online.

With demand far outstripping supply, your chances of getting a pair are slim, especially if you buy from Nike’s website. If you really want a real chance to buy these shoes, choose the Best online sneaker store.  Here, you have a real chance to get a genuine pair of these sneakers. Book your Air Jordan 1 Rebillionaire sneakers today!

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