Why are Air Jordans considered the hottest sneaker brand?

Why are Air Jordans considered the hottest sneaker brand?

Nov 23, 2021

When you think of sneakers, what comes to mind? Air Yeezys, Air Jordans, Nike, Adidas, and other brands. Why are these brands popular? Why do people prefer buying branded sneakers over sneakers under retail price?

There are various factors affecting sneaker brands’ popularity. In this post, we’ll see why Nike and Michael Jordan’s co-branded Air Jordan sneakers are so popular. Though the offline and online sneaker market is quite crowded, brands like Air Jordan are so popular they do not stay in stock for long. 

10 reasons why people prefer buying Air Jordans over others 

#1. Extra comfort and support 

The main feature people look for in sneakers is its foot support and comfort factor. Many sneakers from lesser-known brands may not offer optimal comfort that meets peoples’ expectations. Air Jordan’s are designed, developed, and manufactured in a way that gives optimal comfort to the wearer. In fact, many people recommend these sneakers to those suffering from chronic foot pain, heel spurs, and other foot conditions. 

#2. Use of high-quality materials

Air Jordans are made with high-quality materials. No compromises are made when it comes to using the best materials. Still, Air Jordan sneakers for men and women are lighter on the pocket as compared to other comparable sneakers in the market. These shoes can be worn for hours without giving you any discomfort.

#3. High-quality performance product 

Air Jordans are quite popular amongst tweens, teens, and young adults, who know they get the best with a pair of these special Nike sneakers. In fact, many fans of Air Jordans wear them while jogging or other physical activities as they know these sneakers will help them perform their best. 

#4. Great reputation

Besides being endorsed by Michael Jordan during his basketball matches, Air Jordan’s have been used by many athletes, actors, and entertainers. When celebrities like Will Smith, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Mark Wahlberg, and others wore them publicly, this helped the Air Jordan brand remain relevant even after 35 years of launch. 

#5. Uniqueness

Each release of Air Jordan sneakers come with their own unique design. Yes, there are many knockoffs available, but nothing can beat the unique sneakers offered by Air Jordan. In fact, these sneakers are so popular that many used sneakers sell online for hundreds of dollars.

#6. Consumer Value

For many people, Air Jordans are not just any pair of sneakers in their closet, they are an investment. When a limited series of Air Jordans are launched, they sell out within days. When these shoes were launched in 1985, Nike had expected only to sell a hundred thousand pairs. They were so popular that Nike ended up selling 1.5 million shoes in the first six weeks of its launch.

#7. Matches Trends

Each subsequent model of the Air Jordan sneakers comes with a unique design and color. Michael Jordan is considered the trendsetter when it comes to new designer sneakers. The NBA had this rule where at least half of the basketball uniform should be white. Michael had once worn his signature black and red Air Jordans during a match in 1985. Despite the NBA prohibiting Michael from wearing his signature shoes again, he went ahead, even agreeing to pay the $5,000 fine the NBA demanded. Michael continued to wear his black and red Air Jordans, with Nike paying the fine on his behalf. Eventually, Michael caved in, but his black Air Jordans became a favorite amongst kids everywhere. This is one way Michael Jordan used his heft to popularise his signature Air Jordans.

 #8. Great designs

Though originally made for basketball players, Air Jordans became so popular that they were worn for various sports and casual occasions. Its fan following includes everyone- from ten-year-old Michael Jordan fans to even fifty-year-old grandpas. These sneakers were designed to be made in such a way that they could be worn by anyone for any casual occasion.

#9. Exclusive release

Nike Air Jordans were so popular people waited in line for hours to get hold of as many pairs as possible. From being just a pair of shoes it had become a source of investment. Resellers would sell these Air Jordans for a profit by paying people to get them as many Air Jordans as possible. 

#10. Benefits of co-branding with Nike

Being a sub-brand of Nike has been a win-win situation for both Nike and Michael Jordan. People still buy Air Jordans as they see Michael Jordan as a role model. At the same time, Nike’s reputation for exceptional quality sneakers makes them a popular choice to buy from the Best Online Sneaker Store.

A few last words

Air Jordans are known for their exceptional quality, comfort, and affordability. No wonder these exclusive Nike sneakers have consistently remained popular in the 35 years since their launch. 

Clever marketing, endorsement by Michael Jordan and other celebrities, and also continued efforts towards innovation and design have helped the Air Jordan brand to become what it is today. For the foreseeable future, Air Jordans are sure to be a brand that people of every age can see themselves wearing. Explore our collection and buy Air Jordan Sneakers of your choice at the best rates.

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