Why are Supreme products so popular?

Why are Supreme products so popular?

Dec 17, 2021

Ever since it launched in 1994, Supreme has been a brand that has seen success after success. Established by James Jebbia, this brand was originally geared to serve the skateboarder community. Since then, Supreme accessories have become so popular that they sell for almost ten times their value on the grey market.

This brings to us the question - Why on earth is this brand so popular?

Let’s see why

8 Reasons why Supreme products are so famous worldwide

Exclusive styles- What defines a fashion brands' success? An overwhelmingly common answer would be - design. Supreme has gone to great lengths to stay a step ahead of others. 

It always believes in taking the road less travelled and has succeeded in its endeavours. Most other brands do not dare to take risks or do something out of the box. On the other hand, Supreme goes all out to think new and unique. It doesn’t hesitate to break rules. That is one reason why Supreme brand fanatics go all out to Buy Supreme Accessories Online.

Celebrity endorsement/Influencer marketing- What’s the best way to market your products without spending a bomb? Get it visible in places that get the most eyeballs. Supreme has used this strategy to its end. Many A-list celebrities like Kanye West, Justin Beiber, John Mayer, and others have been spotted wearing Supreme Shirts, T-shirts, and other merchandise. Supreme has also got leading online influencers to endorse their wares. This has helped increase the brands' awareness and has helped Supreme rake in the moolah.

Collaboration with leading designers- To enhance its popularity, Supreme has collaborated with leading designers across fashion houses to bring unique designer pieces. Their portfolio of collaborations includes Louis Vuitton, The North Face, Levi’s, and other designers. Their collaborations are not just limited to fashion houses, they also include sneaker brands, musicians, athletes, artists, and many more. These collaborations make Supreme products some of the most sought-after in the fashion world.

Clothing Variety- Supreme doesn’t follow the unwritten rules most fashion houses follow. They launch products that appeal to their target audience; it could be anything- Supreme Jackets, Supreme Sweatshirts, bags, and many more branded products which can be used every day. Supreme has followed this ethic since day one and became a market leader. Their products usually appeal to young people who are fans of punk rock culture, skateboarding, and hip-hop fans. The uniform Supreme logo on each of their products is what appeals to their young target audience.

New products uniform launch- Every Saturday morning, at 11 am sharp EST, Supreme launches a new range of items- these could be branded Supreme tops, Supreme bags, and many other products. This is similar to how Yeezys and other well-known brands launch their products. In fact, in the few Supreme physical retail stores, long lines of Supreme product fans wait to pick up the latest Supreme products.

Limited stocks- Supreme only sells a limited quantity of its products. Most of them sell out when people buy Supreme products online or on Saturdays when new collections are launched. Due to this rarity, there is high demand for Supreme’s merchandise, people look forward to seeing which products are available during the Saturday launches.

Aftermarket (grey market) value- Immense popularity of the brand along with limited stock is a perfect recipe for the grey market. In fact, some people trade in Supreme products to sell them at crazy high values. Supreme brand maniacs even purchase products for as high as $20,000!

Unique marketing approach- Supreme does not believe in marketing stunts or huge advertisement budgets. They follow a grassroots marketing approach. To start with, when James Jebbia founded the brand in 1994, he moved from convention and displayed his products outside the store. This let skateboarders surf inside the store. This resulted in positive word of mouth that Supreme uses to its advantage to date.

In Conclusion

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