Why are the Air Jordan 12 ‘Playoffs’ colorway called so?

Why are the Air Jordan 12 ‘Playoffs’ colorway called so?

Feb 25, 2022

There are practically no other Air Jordan shoes with that much history and fanfare as the Air Jordan 12s. Not only did Michael Jordan wear these to his sensational victory at the ‘Flu game’ (more on that later), his teammates Scottie Pippen and others in the Chicago Bulls too wore them to cement these shoes’ popularity in the market.

The Air Jordan sneakers for men have consistently been ranked as the most popular shoe brand worldwide. Even though there are competitors to the Air Jordan range, none have been able to command that popularity as much as Nike’s Air Jordan has. Even though Michael Jordan retired from professional basketball years ago, his popularity is still fresh in the minds of every budding basketball player across the world.

The ‘Flu game’

On the day Mike was to play for the 1997 NBA Final’s Game 5, he was down with a 103-degree fever and had flu-like symptoms. Everyone thought he might not make it to the game. Michael proved everyone wrong by dominating the game against the Utah Jazz. Even though he was weak, Mike dominated the game running around while being pumped with fluids and ice-packs in the intervals. After the win, Scottie had to prop Mike away from the court, this was the dedication and perseverance Mike had for the game.

For this game, Mike wore the Air Jordan 12’s which had recently been released back then in 1996. Due to his heroics on the court, these white and black kicks came to be called the ‘The Playoff’’. Since then, various colorways were launched- some of the most popular ones included the ‘Obsidian’, the ‘White/Varsity Red’, and the most famous of them all the Air Jordan 12 Retro Playoff.

The latest retro release by Air Jordan- what you need to know

Though there are many colorways of the Air Jordan 12, it is the classic Playoff colorway that most sneakerheads go mad over. So much is the hype that the Air Jordan 12 Retro Playoff Pre-orders too are already getting full, even though there is still time left for its launch.

The Playoff Air Jordan 12 colorway, originally released in January 1997, is known for its unique design and the fact that Mike chose to wear these for the ‘Flu game’. So strong is the demand for these kicks that even after two previous re-releases of this colorway, the demand for these hard-to-find sneakers is as strong as ever.

How to lay your hands on these hard-to-find sneakers?

Currently, the only way you can get your hands on these sneakers is by pre-ordering them online. Whether you get a pair that fits you or not depends mostly on luck. 

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