Why the Air Jordan 2 A Ma Maniere is a colorway worth its weight in salt?

Why the Air Jordan 2 A Ma Maniere is a colorway worth its weight in salt?

Jun 16, 2022

Though there are thousands of colorways of various Air Jordan silhouettes, only a part of them are designed by third parties. When we take the Air Jordan 2 as an example, there are colorways named after celebrities like Eminem, Sheridan Brenton, and many more. The chances that Air Jordan collaborates on a colorway design are slim, those who get the chance to design a colorway are considered worthy to be the best in their class. Some world-class designers who have designed Air Jordan sneakers for men and women are the late Virgil Abloh, LA Union, Supreme, and many more. Another person on the list is James Whitner, a rags-to-riches fashion entrepreneur who has many successful brands in his portfolio.

Why has Air Jordan considered James Whitner to be a collaborator for an Air Jordan 2 colorway?

James Whitner is not any regular designer. He is known to do whatever is necessary to get what he wants, even if that means taking the road less travelled. James doesn’t only work for himself, he is known to mentor budding fashion designers from impoverished backgrounds. 

He currently owns brands like the Social Status, APB, Prosper, and A La Maniere, under the Whitaker Group, a conglomerate named after the place he grew up in.

This is not the first time James has released a colorway with Nike and Air Jordan, he has previously designed colorways for the Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 3.

What you can expect from the Air Jordan 2 A Ma Maniere

This luxury-inspired take on the Air Jordan 2 comes with an all Sail-suede upper and a lizard-skin textured black midsole. Besides this, there are flat black laces and a unique design with Maniere written at the shoe’s rear. This colorway, with its off-white upper and contrasting black and brown design cues, is sure to be one of the most popular colorways of any sneakerheads' Air Jordan 2 collection.

How to buy the Air Jordan 2 A Ma Maniere?

These kicks are probably sold out by now, mostly through official sources. However, this does not mean you can’t get them. Though most sneakerheads who haven’t had the chance to Buy Air Jordan 2 A Ma Maniere from the official drop would most probably turn to the grey market, you need not do so. After all, why would you pay more than twice the official price when you can get the same at a price that matches the official one?

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