Why the Air Jordan 4’s popularity remains consistent to this day

Why the Air Jordan 4’s popularity remains consistent to this day

Jun 15, 2022

Almost every Air Jordan silhouette is tied to a certain memorable moment in Michael Jordan’s basketball career. As far as the Air Jordan 4 is concerned, it is known for ‘The Shot’, where Mike scored a basket in the last seconds of the 1989 playoffs to win against the Cleveland Cavaliers for a spot in the semi-finals. As Mike was wearing his Air Jordan 4 during that game, these Air Jordan sneakers for men started to be referred to as 'The Shot'.

How was the Air Jordan 4 different until then?

The Air Jordan 4 was the second shoe designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield for the Jumpman after the Air Jordan 3. This was a follow-up sneaker to the Air Jordan 3. These new arrival sneakers were unique in many ways- it was the first sneaker to come up with the mid-cut look. The Air Jordan 4 came with the then-revolutionary Air technology to enhance the wearer's athletic performance. This was the first time such a technology was used for basketball shoes.

Besides this, the Air Jordan 4 also came with a dynamic lacing system, which allowed wearers to adjust the laces for a snug fit. Though the Air Jordan 4 was a tad heavy, it was seen as a little lighter than the Air Jordan 3.

What was the response to Air Jordan 4’s launch?

The Air Jordan 4 was released to rave reviews. Wherever people could Buy Air Jordan 4, they flew off the shelves. Its moment in pop culture, where the Air Jordan 4 was featured in the movie Do The Right Thing, saw its popularity skyrocket even further. Mike even wore these shoes while playing on a graffiti-covered court with kids, this made the Air Jordan 4 a cultural and fashion sensation, which it remains to this day.

How well have the Air Jordan 4 colorways fared?

Nike has released many colorways of the Air Jordan 4 since its launch. Some of the colorways have been quite similar to one another, like the Air Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red Mars Blackmon, 2006, and the Air Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red, 2012 and 2020. Despite being almost identical albeit for a small red color change, these Air Jordan 4 colorways have been great bestsellers for Nike. Besides this, Nike has collaborated with leading brands like Union LA, Paris Saint Germain, Olivia Kim, Travis Scott, and many more for the unique colorways of the Air Jordan 4.

How to buy Air Jordan 4 colorways today?

If you want to buy Air Jordan 4 colorways, you have to keep a close watch on what Air Jordan will drop at a later date. Even if you use automated bots, the chances of you getting an Air Jordan 4 colorway with your preferred size is slim. Though many sneakerheads turn towards the grey market, resellers there sell the shoes for more than twice their original cost.

If you really do want these shoes at a reasonable price, you could buy them from the best online sneaker store. Here, you can get 100 percent authentic Air Jordans at a price that reflects reality. You can buy the latest colorway here much later than the drop. Do register before stocks run out!

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