Yeezy Slides: You Gotta Slide in for this May Month Restock

Yeezy Slides: You Gotta Slide in for this May Month Restock

May 19, 2022

Come 16 May and the Yeezy fans are in for a bonanza!

Yeezy will be restocking Yeezy slides in “Onyx”, “Pure”, and “Glow Green” colorways. These will have a new textured finish and most probably the dates are locked to 16 May.

The Onyx Black color was dropped on 7 March at a retail price of $70. Today, it sells for anywhere from $150 to $550! If you have missed buying it the first time or weren’t lucky enough to get it, it’s time to try your luck again now. You can pre-order these slides at the best online sneaker store.

For the uninitiated, it may be difficult to fathom why people are driven nuts by the rubber slip-on. People queue in stores for hours to get these slides. The price tag of a Yeezy slide ranges from $55 to $ 60 at retail. But the resale value is between 125% and 580% above retail. That means a clean profit of $100 to $250 for a pair of slides. Now, we’re talking money, honey! And you know it is good news if you cop the Yeezy slides at retail. You can even pre-order new yeezys slides from Sole Seriouss.

What’s the hype? Why are Yeezy slides so popular?

When it debuted in 2018, there weren’t many talking about it. In fact, people criticized its strange look. They were plain, oversized, and looked more like slippers. In 2019, the new improved Yeezy slides debuted that had serrated soles and were built of EVA foam rubber. It had earthy monochromatic tones of Desert Sand and Bone. And the timing was perfect, it was the Covid outbreak!

The global pandemic made people sit at home. The Yeezy slides became the comfiest slip-ons that you could wear around the house. Cleaning it was easy. All you needed was a sterile wipe. And it didn’t need too much styling. The Yeezy slides ticked all the boxes and they soon became the pandemic staple.

As they soared in popularity, the direct effect was on the resale price. People buy luxury goods for the fear of missing out (FOMO). This jacks up the prices and creates a great resale value in the grey market. People are ready to pay double the amount to buy these slides. Take, for instance, the first Bone colorway Yeezy which debuted in 2018. Its resale value is now more than $500!

The Yeezy brand took full advantage of the 2020 shutdown and benefited handsomely. Factually speaking, these slides cost too much. Agreed, the design is spot-on and it scores a ten out of ten in comfort. But Adidas and Yeezy are brands too hard to ignore! Check if your best online sneaker store stocks the Yeezy slides in Onyx, Pure, Ochre, Glow Green, Resin, Enflame Orange, Core, Desert Sand, Earth Brown, and Bone colorways. If you are lucky enough, you may get your size in your favorite color.

Yeezy slide specifications

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the Yeezy slides are the comfiest slides ever. They are made of a single piece of injected EVA foam and are absolutely light in weight. Once you have them on, you feel like your midfoot and wide foot sink in. If we are to give a comparison, these are like marshmallows to the feet.

The design is minimalistic and is highlighted by the ventilated open-toe construction. The soft footbed is marked with debossed Adidas branding. The outsole is serrated and has strategic groove placement good for improved impact protection and exceptional grip.

Another unique feature is that it sticks to your feet while walking. If you have tried other slip-on, you know how irritating the flapping sound is as you walk with this on your feet. Conventional slides flap but Yeezy slides don’t.

A word of caution though when you’re walking on watery surfaces. There are chances that these may slip. There is friction in the form of a serrated outsole. But it doesn’t help much.

Where to buy the Yeezy slide restock?

With Yeezy lovers waiting eagerly for the restock in their favorite colors of Green Glow, Onyx, and Pure, getting your hands on one may be challenging. So, you can preorder them from Sole Seriouss, the best online sneaker store. Shop for Yeezy slides here and if you are lucky, you may be the proud owner of the coveted Yeezy slides today!

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