Adidas Exhibit B “Lailaa”: Adidas’ shout-out to women basketballers

Adidas Exhibit B “Lailaa”: Adidas’ shout-out to women basketballers

Aug 01, 2022

When it comes to basketball role models, Michael Jordan would be the first choice for many basketball fans. Through his hard work, dedication, and athletic finesse, he consistently remained at the top of his game throughout his professional career. At the same time, when we talk about female basketball role models, most sneaker fans aren’t even aware of the captain of the national women’s basketball team. Though both the men's and women's teams work equally hard, there is this inherent bias against female athletes in most sports disciplines.

How Adidas recognizes women’s talent in basketball

This inherent bias is also reflected in the endorsement campaigns of leading athletes. While people choose to buy Adidas shoes online, most are predominantly male and choose endorsed Adidas kicks from leading male basketball players like James Harden or Damian Lillard.

Adidas aims to change this with Exhibit B. Launched to celebrate the career of famous female basketballer Candace Parker, this two-time Olympic gold medallist has won many other accolades during her long career from her time in the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks to her current stint in Chicago Sky.

After the Adidas Exhibit A Candace Parker Low silhouette, this is the second drop under the Candace Parker collection by Adidas. Named after her daughter, Lailaa, Exhibit B is a silhouette specifically made for female basketballers.

What to expect from this iteration of Exhibit B?

Exhibit B ‘Lailaa’ comes in a majorly white upper with a Grey Adidas logo, Team Dark Green abstract patches, and a tinge of yellow at the front. This shoe comes with a grey tongue with flat white laces. The black sole contrasts with the upper with a white midsole. The sole is in Exhibit B’s signature wavy design. The back has Candace’s daughter’s name- Lailaa Nicole printed on it.

Where can I buy Exhibit B “Lailaa”?

Those who intend to buy Adidas Exhibit B “Lailaa” can do so at its drop on August 1, 2022. These shoes are available with select retailers and on Adidas’ official website after the drop.

Unfortunately, these shoes are expected to sell out as soon as they’re dropped, considering the great buzz around them online and the limited stocks available with Adidas.

One big challenge with such limited edition colorways is when resellers use specialized bots to game the system and purchase the kicks during the drop. They then sell these shoes for more than twice the price on the grey market.

Instead of getting demoralized, there is a way you could get these shoes at a better price online. At the best online sneaker store, you could buy these kicks at a much more reasonable price after the official drop. What’s more, you could also pay for these shoes in installments, if you’re short of funds at the moment. When you’ve got the flexibility to pay in installments to buy your favorite shoes, why should you buy them for sky-high prices on the grey market? Register your intent to buy before stocks run out!

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