Adidas LEGO shoe kit: An unlikely collab between Adidas and LEGO

Adidas LEGO shoe kit: An unlikely collab between Adidas and LEGO

May 05, 2022

Adidas, as a brand, has a high recall value for shoes- this is something everyone knows. Besides shoes, how well does the brand do? Yes, it has its range of sportswear, accessories, and other products- most of which people know about as Adidas is a sportswear brand.

What would you think if Adidas came up with a collaboration with LEGO? What has this German brand, known for its Adidas shoes for men online, have to do with LEGO, a kid’s toy brand? Well, bizarre as it may seem, LEGO and Adidas have released a buildable toy brick version of the iconic Adidas shoe.

Why does LEGO need to collaborate with Adidas?

Though it might seem LEGO and Adidas’ target audiences are worlds apart, they surprisingly interconnect when it comes to one niche- kids. While kids love LEGO building sets, Adidas has shoes, apparel, and accessories that cater to kids. No wonder LEGO and Adidas have a whole collection of co-branded apparel and accessories.

LEGO has taken things forward with this- launching a disassembled shoe Adidas Original Superstar shoe kit that you can customize as per your choice. Available both for kids and adult sizes, those who want to Shop Adidas LEGO shoe kits can do so on both Adidas and LEGO official sites.

For many, this Adidas LEGO shoe kit is a great collectible. It comes with all the features of a shoe, yet you can only assemble this shoe and display it wherever you like. LEGO allows you to assemble this shoe kit in either left or right shoe orientation. The shoe comes with Adidas’ iconic black three stripes mark and other LEGO bricks and accessories for you to customize as per your choice. The model comes in a 12 cm high, 27 cm long, and 9 cm wide dimension with a display stand and plaque to complete the look.

How will the collaboration with LEGO help Adidas?

Though Adidas is a sports and lifestyle brand, it needs all the help it can to compete with the likes of Nike, Asics, Puma, and others. By collaborating with LEGO, Adidas aims to extend its brand’s reach to the young, with the hope that they’ll remain loyal to the brand in the future.

Adidas is doing this in many ways- releasing kid’s sizes of their popular sports shoes, making kid-friendly designs and colorways of their popular silhouettes, and, collaborating with LEGO and other children-focused brands.

Why getting such limited-edition Adidas products are challenging?

As these are ‘limited-edition’, getting hold of one set can be immensely challenging. Many a time, these products get sold out within minutes of being launched. Some of them end up in the grey market, where they are sold for more than twice their selling price.

If you are looking for such limited-edition products as the Adidas LEGO shoe kits, you can buy them from the Best Online sneaker store, where you can get them for more time after the drop. What’s more, you can buy them in installments if you’re short of cash. Just register for the sale and stand a chance to buy your favorite Adidas products for some time after the drop!

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