Adidas vs Nike: Which sneakers to choose?

Adidas vs Nike: Which sneakers to choose?

Nov 15, 2021

It doesn’t matter if you are running to get fit or competing in a race, one deciding factor for your comfort and performance is the quality of sneakers you wear. We are all familiar with reputed brands of Adidas and Nike but aren’t sure which sneakers to buy online.

There are high chances we may find the Nike or Adidas logos when we buy sneakers online. With the innumerable types of sneakers available online, it can be quite overwhelming to choose one that suits you best.

For those of you planning to buy a Nike or Adidas pair of shoes, choosing one over the other cannot be done without prior research. In this article, we’ll list the differences between the two.

Nike Running Sneakers

This American sportswear brand has risen to become the global number one in athletic shoes and apparel market share. From its humble beginnings, it has risen to become a brand that is ubiquitous amongst people. Its strong emphasis on innovation has made it a brand every aspiring athlete yearns to own. Nike sneakers are so famous that, when someone wants to buy Nike shoes online they have to ensure they are online on time before stocks vanish for new shoes.

Nike Sneaker’s USP

Nike shoes are made exclusively for casual or professional sports. They even went to the extent of denying Kanye West of his royalties and forced him to move to Adidas when they realized they were treading against their brand identity. This was even though Kanye’s Air Yeezy sneakers were extremely popular in the market.

Nevertheless, Nike’s brand value is so high that there are thousands of knockoff Nike sneakers under retail distribution that mimic every type of shoe version they come up with. Nike’s brand value is an astonishing $17 billion with a net sales of almost seven and a half-billion dollars.

Nike has dominated the sports shoe market with continuous innovations that aid athletes to perform their best. Nike shoes are known to be lightweight, breathable, long-lasting, durable, and can absorb pressure in a high-impact environment. People complain that Nike shoes can be quite expensive and narrow for many shoe sizes, but these disadvantages do not show why major sporting teams across sports worldwide prefer Nike shoes against anything else. Nike also spends generously to sponsor sporting kits for leading sports teams worldwide.

Adidas Running Sneakers

A German brand, Adidas is Nike’s main competitor. It is Europe’s largest sportswear manufacturer. A brand worth $7.5 billion, Adidas is known to go the extra mile to create shoes according to athletes’ requirements. Its unique thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material offers amazing shock absorption, besides other innovative technologies that boost athletes’ performance. In fact, if you want to buy Adidas shoes online, they will cost you upwards of $50 a pair.

Adidas sneaker’s USP

The main USP of Adidas sneakers is its propensity to be lightweight and convenient. To reduce waste and protect the environment, Adidas has introduced 3D-printed soles. This game-changing technology helps to improve the shoe’s performance yet saves on precious resources. Additionally, many versions of Adidas shoes come with a single piece of leather uppers, giving the shoes an additional dose of style and flexibility.

Besides this, Adidas shoes are known to be comfortable, durable, and give amazing arch support. Many athletes also praise Adidas’ shoes for their great cushioning and high-energy performance. On the other hand, some people complain of its slightly higher weight and minor size inconsistencies.

4 Things to consider while buying sneakers online

Both Nike and Adidas have great shoes that can manage every requirement. Before you buy from the best online sneaker store, you need to research and identify your requirements.


Both Adidas and Nike have their own signature cushioning technologies. Nike has React while Adidas has Boost. Nike’s React technology manages to make the shoes a little lighter. On the other hand, Adidas’ shoes are manufactured for better flexibility and lower wastage.


Here too, Nike and Adidas shoes have features that match all requirements. What matters here is how much you’ll be using these shoes. Here is where people can take advantage of you. The best place to buy Nike shoes online or Adidas depends on the prices quoted. Beware of too deep discounts, there is a high chance you’ll get a knockoff pair delivered to you.


Original Nike and Adidas shoes are competitively priced to the limit that choosing one over the other becomes overwhelming. Here is where you need to understand each shoe’s benefits before making a choice. For instance, if you need a pair of running shoes and style is not a consideration, choose one that offers the best experience at the best price.

Overall fit and comfort

This depends on personal preferences. Many buy Nike shoes for the fact they are true Nike shoes. Adidas shoes are preferred for their amazing designs, colors, technologies, and athlete-friendly technologies. The best way to choose one over the other is to ask your friends, coaches, or acquaintances to choose a pair that is ideal for you.

Final words

In the end, choosing between Adidas and Nike depends on your requirements and personal preferences. Both are world-leading sneaker brands, you can be sure of their quality. At Sole Seriouss, we have a collection of branded sneakers online from world-renowned brands like Adidas, Nike, Jordans, and others that you can choose from. Go through the collection now!
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