All you need to know about the Adidas NMD

All you need to know about the Adidas NMD

Dec 22, 2021

Adidas has not become one of the world’s largest sportswear brands for nothing. It has a wide variety of sports and casual sneakers that cater to every requirement. Adidas is world-renowned for its shoes that come with superior comfort and grip; their shoes come with designs that are always a step ahead of their competitors.

One such product category that has caught everyone’s attention is the Adidas NMD range of sneakers. These aren’t for basketball or running, Adidas has designed them for travelling and daily wear use. When you search for Adidas shoes for men online or Adidas shoes for women online, you will find hundreds of Adidas shoes online, but the NMD range is the best of the best.

What makes the Adidas NMD so special?

Adidas has repeatedly said that the ‘NMD’ initials don’t mean anything per se. Yet, many sneakerheads have nicknamed it the ‘Nomad’. Unlike most shoes, the Adidas NMD can be flattened easily to be stuffed in a suitcase, all thanks to its Primeknit upper sole and its lightweight but strong and sturdy UltraBoost sole.

Adidas added a design feature to the NMD that lets it stand out from the rest- a LEGO-like block on the outsole to provide some support to the shoe. This sometimes comes in colors, but its location below the ankle remains consistent irrespective of the type of NMD sneaker you buy.

Ever since it was launched in December 2015, the NMD range has seen some ups and downs till date.

The rise of the Adidas NMD

At launch, the NMD was so popular that its stocks vanished within seconds. It didn’t matter whether anyone wanted to buy Adidas NMD Online or even from the grey market, what mattered was the Adidas NMD brand name. As a matter of fact, whenever a new colorway variant was launched, more than 30,000 people were waiting online to buy these shoes.

The craze was so high that they were selling for much higher than the original price on third-party sites. These shoes had helped Adidas become one of the most aspirational brands for sportswear out there.

Unfortunately, Adidas took a decision that it regretted later when the shoes were at their peak of popularity.

The (temporary) Adidas NMD fall

There is a famous quote by an American businessman- “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Adidas, it seems, didn’t understand this. 

In November-December 2016, Adidas launched the NMD XR1, a gimmicky version to introduce something new when there was no need to.

Before this, the NMD got famous due to its streamlined sock-like design and feel. The NMD XR1 came with a rubberized cage panel that looked somewhat odd. It couldn’t fit well in the suitcase- one reason why people bought it in the first place. Many people who wanted to Buy Adidas shoes online came for the specific purpose of buying the NMD. Those who placed an order online for the NMD XR1 thought it had something better; the problem is, it didn’t.

Online, Adidas fans pointed out how versions before the NMD XR1 were way better than the current version. In fact, almost 9 in 10 people said so.

Finally, Adidas learned from its mistakes in December 2019.

The NMD’s rise from the ashes

Adidas launched the NMD R1 V2 in December 2019. This was an improvement on the earlier versions of the NMD. It came with a clean-cut aesthetic, a reworked structure, and a futuristic feel. This was the beginning of the NMD’s rise from the ashes. 

The NMD ranged shoes launched after the V2 continued to be popular amongst sneakerheads. To date, the NMD is one product segment that has seen consistent demand from sneakerheads.

Final words

Though Adidas made some bad decisions, they quickly learned from them and launched new versions of the Adidas NMD sneaker collection at the Best Online Sneaker Store. The NMD range, with its easily recognizable ‘LEGO-like’ block on the outsole, is one sneaker that has captured the attention of everyone. 

Adidas’ continued efforts to innovate and come up with industry-leading shoes has made this German sportswear brand one of the world’s best.

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