How Yeezy fans responded to the latest Yeezy KNIT RNR drop?

How Yeezy fans responded to the latest Yeezy KNIT RNR drop?

Apr 15, 2022

Kanye West believes in becoming a trendsetter. Even if critics ridicule him for every Yeezy shoe release, Kanye knows how to design a sneaker that goes viral. There has been a lot of buzz in the market with the scheduled drop of the Yeezy Knit Runner Stone Carbon colorway. When these Adidas shoes for men online first released, critics accused Kanye of stealing ‘Mickey Mouse’s shoes’. Despite this, these shoes sold like hotcakes.

What makes the Yeezy KNIT RNR Stone Carbon unique?

At first glance, the Yeezy Knit Runner (We like to use the whole words rather than the official name) seems somewhat stupid. Forget looking like a sneaker, it looks like someone made it in a hurry. On closer inspection, you would see why there is such a craze to Buy Yeezy KNIT RNR Stone Carbon shoes. It consists of two parts, a well-knit upper with a dual-color tone and a thin sole. Yeezy claims these unisex shoes are perfect for the winters, with the upper being waterproof. 

How did sneaker fanatics respond to the Yeezy Knit Runner Stone Carbon?

We went through many reviews of the Yeezy Knit Runner online. Most of them were positive. We’ve summarized them for easy referencing.

Yeezy Knit Runner’s fitting

Most of the reviews we read said the fitting was bang on, some chose a bigger size than needed. Almost no one complained that the shoes weren’t a good fit. 

Yeezy Knit Runner’s comfort

Almost 9 out of 10 reviews we read said these were the most comfortable shoes they’ve worn. Many said it had a snug fit, some said they felt like socks while others praised their excellent grip and feel. Those who didn’t like its comfort said they weren’t as ‘cozy’ as the Foam Runner or that they had different shoe sizes for each foot.

Caring for their Yeezy Knit Runner

Most respondents used these shoes daily. They stored these shoes away from sunlight. Most used a soft cloth or brush along with a sneaker cleaning liquid. Some even retained the shoe’s box for storage purposes.

How Yeezy owners styled these shoes?

Here we got a variety of ideas. Some said they’d wear their shoes with anything in their closet, while others said they’d wear them with baggy jeans or cargo pants. Many people said a simple earthy color ensemble looked great with these kicks. This includes the Yeezy Knit Runner with a simple tee, a pair of jeans, and some accessories.

How can I get the Yeezy Knit Runner Stone Carbon?

Though these kicks dropped on March 26, most of them got sold out within minutes of their launch. This does not mean you can’t buy them though- they are available at the best online sneaker store.

If the price of these kicks is out of bounds, no worries. You can buy them today and pay in easy installments. Besides the Yeezy Knit Runner Stone Carbon, you can buy other rare Yeezys here too. Just visit Sole Seriouss and check out the collection for yourself!

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