Why Are The Yeezy Foam Runners So Popular In The Summers?

Why Are The Yeezy Foam Runners So Popular In The Summers?

May 11, 2022

What does comfort mean to you? Especially with the summer in full swing, we aim to wear footwear that helps us stay comfortable and protect our feet from the intense heat of the ground. That’s what Adidas and Yeezy made sure of with the Yeezy Foam Runner. 

Many people call them the rich man’s crocs. Kanye West and his team at Adidas Yeezy have created the foam runner with a purpose. Though they may not be in reach for many people, these coveted shoes are some of the best shoes out there. No wonder these are some of the most renowned Adidas shoes for men online.

How clever design made the Yeezy Foam Runner a runaway hit

At first glance, the Yeezy Foam Runner looks quite strange. It doesn’t matter if you wear it or just display it. However, the design team at Adidas Yeezy has gone to great lengths to drop a shoe that caters to your every demand. Each design element is there for a reason. No wonder people trust it because it has Kanye West’s name associated with it (Kanye is known for his attention to detail and perfection in whatever he does). 

When first released in 2017, these Yeezy Foam Runners quickly became the most Trending Sneakers for Men online, something that they have maintained ever since. 

The Yeezy Foam Runner has been designed for use by everyone- men, women, kids, and even toddlers. It comes with an oversized blobby upper that comes with a design to remove all kinds of foreign objects and water from the shoe. Some critics pan Kanye West for stealing ‘Mickey Mouse’s shoes’, in reference to the uncanny similarities the Yeezy Foam Runner has with the cartoon character’s blobby shoes. 

Anyways, despite the criticism, there are a large number of people who intend to Shop Yeezy Foam Runner shoes online. Many of them buy these shoes for their whole families.

How can you use the Yeezy Foam Runner?

The Yeezy Foam Runner is an extremely versatile pair of footwear. Made of a unique foam that contains eco-friendly algae-based materials, these Yeezy Foam Runners have been designed to beat the heat.

They aren’t the same as Crocs though. Though both are made through and through from (more or less) the same material, the design is what makes the biggest difference.

Those lucky enough to Buy Yeezy Foam Runner use them for various purposes. Some wear them across the home, while others use them on the beach or an outdoor excursion.

How to get hold of the Yeezy Foam Runner?

That’s a good question. Due to its immense popularity, getting hold of a size you want is an achievement. Though Adidas Yeezy regularly drops new colorways of the Yeezy Foam Runner along with restocks, they almost always get sold out at launch.

Adidas is now re-releasing two old colorways of the Yeezy Foam Runner on April 22, 2022. Though you could still get a chance to buy these kicks online, the odds are usually never in your favor.

That’s why many people tend to buy from the Best Online Sneaker Store. Here, you get genuine Adidas shoes like the Yeezy Foam Runner at a price that matches reality sometime after the drop. Check out the collection now and register for the sale so you could get what you want.

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