Yeezy Desert Boots: One Reason Why Kanye’s Making Headlines

Yeezy Desert Boots: One Reason Why Kanye’s Making Headlines

Feb 24, 2022

Why are Kanye’s Yeezy sneakers and music so popular? One answer would be his attention to detail; while others would say his penchant to be different from the rest. Though both these answers are right, what makes a difference is his intense dedication to creativity, to do something not done before.

That explains why the New Yeezy Slides are so popular. Though simple and odd-looking in equal measure, they consistently sell out, just as other Yeezy shoes do. Kanye West has painstakingly created a brand around himself, he has worked on every detail of whatever he produces, and has tailored his creations to be popular amongst his loyal fans.

The return of the drop: Kanye West’s latest Yeezys

Adidas and Ye (As Kanye West calls himself nowadays) have re-released the Yeezy Desert Boot, a wildly popular sneaker that was first released three years ago. Kanye and his team designed these kicks to blend lifestyle and military elements. Its sandy color is a testament to these efforts.

These Yeezy shoes borrow some elements from the Yeezy 500. It has a mesh base with a suede overlay that covers the toe, heel, and eye stay. In true Ye style, these kicks come with an exaggerated mudguard and rope laces. But perhaps what stands out is the thick foam outsole, with a simple rugged sole similar to the one of the Yeezy Sliders.

Sneakerheads online who’ve gone ahead to buy Yeezy Boots during the earlier drop swear by the amazing comfort, breathability, and great fitting of these sneakers. Though they are lightweight and made with good quality materials, the general consensus amongst Yeezy Desert Boots owners is the lack of flexibility it provides. In fact, there were complaints about its stiff ankle area.

Nevertheless, the latest drop of these shoes is on February 21, 2022. Those who want to buy these should ensure they’re online at the right time, as the stocks are bound to vanish within seconds.

However, beware of deals that are too good to be true. Considering the popularity of Yeezy’s, some criminals take undue advantage of those who buy Adidas shoes online. Knockoff Yeezy’s are omnipresent. Do check the reviews and the reputation of the website before you enter your credit card number.

Expect the unexpected: Kanye West’s latest album ‘Donda 2’

Kanye isn’t only in the news for sneakers. He has done something unprecedented, something no one else had ever thought about. On February 22, Kanye will release his latest album ‘Donda 2’, named after his late mother who passed away in 2007.

This album will not release on regular music streaming platforms. On his Instagram post, Kanye said the album will release only on the Stem player, a device that Kanye is launching. 

This is Kanye’s way of ensuring he gets the credit for his work, he says artists these days get only 12 percent of the earnings the industry makes. Besides the Instagram preview, there will be no prelaunch of the music on YouTube, Apple iTunes, Amazon, or Spotify. 

This launch marks the first time an artist has taken such a stand against piracy and rife illegal music sharing. Anyways, with the launch date fast approaching, let’s see how things turn out.

Lately, Kanye has been spotted wearing a lot of designer clothing by renowned fashion label Balenciaga. According to media reports, he has been spotted shopping big at a Balenciaga store in Florida. Along with that, some media reports claim he has found love again in a woman named Julia Fox. With Cupid’s arrow struck again, who knows what might be written in Kanye’s fate, as the second version of his album launches.

In the end,

Anyway, let’s wish Kanye all the best. Though his music and shoes are super-successful, he has had a less-than-satisfactory personal life. Let’s hope the void in his life is fulfilled.

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