Yeezy Runners vs Slides: Which to choose?

Yeezy Runners vs Slides: Which to choose?

Jan 19, 2022

Adidas’ Yeezy sub-brand has been a best-seller for quite some time now. With rapper Kanye West’s popularity and innovative designs, Yeezy footwear has consistently sold out in minutes since they were launched, both online and offline.

Today, we are going to differentiate between two unconventional Yeezy products- Yeezy Runners and Yeezy Slides.

To start with, let’s walk you through each of the two products-

All you need to know about Yeezy Runners

At first sight, the Yeezy Runner looks silly and unconventional. People have laughed at its multi-faceted design. Yet, these Runners have consistently sold out whenever new colorways are launched. So, why do people buy Yeezy Runners in the first place?

Two words: Comfort and Convenience. These Runners (stylized as RNNRs by Adidas) are well-known to be the most comfortable kicks out there you can wear casually- when walking your dog around the block, running errands, or just a lazy Sunday brunch with friends. 

Many people compare these with crocs, the infamous shoes that many people wear daily. Some even call these the ‘rich man’s crocs’, but is it so?

Those that were fortunate enough to buy these when launched found these strange-looking shoes remarkably comfortable, as they are probably made as a single unit from a material that includes algae. Adidas has, intermittently, launched new colorways of the Yeezy Runners- those that were launched earlier include Blue, MX Sand Grey, Vermillion, Ochre, MX Cream Clay, and Mineral Blue, besides others. 

However, sneakerheads have complained that the usual sizes of these casual runners may not fit everyone; considering the width and length of each foot. However, they have praised these shoes for their amazing soft cushioning abilities, and super light make.

These attention-grabbing footwear are basically made from a type of foam, just as crocs are. What sets these apart from crocs is Kanye West’s Yeezy brand and the limited edition colorways that keep vanishing on launch.

All you need to know about Yeezy Slides

At first glance, the slides do not look special- they are, after all, an answer to flip-flops or the slippers we wear at home. 

So, what makes the Yeezy Slides so popular?

Firstly, what comes out from Kanye West and Adidas’ stable has to be of top-notch quality. Though a tad strange, these slip-on come with colorways that mostly aren’t available with any other of its nearest competitors.

Some have dubbed these the ‘rich man’s slippers’ as they aren’t easily available and when they are, the unique colorways that they come in vanish in a matter of minutes. Generally, those that buy Yeezy Slides have to either be alert for the online sale or buy them from Sole Seriouss- the e-store which stocks difficult-to-find sneakers and other products to buy when needed.

First launched in 2019, these Yeezy Slides have come in colorways like ‘Earth Brown’, ‘Desert Sand’, ‘Bone’, and ‘Resin’.

What interests sneakerheads about these slip-on’s is the innovative minimalistic design that sets them apart from their counterparts. Its jagged sole is what makes the most difference. Made of injected EVA foam, these Slides provide lightweight durability and comfort to the foot.

The main differentiating factor is the way these slides are made- a single mold setup that does not disintegrate as much as other similar slip-on’s do.

However, many have complained that the Slides come only in full sizes. That means, if you are a 10.5, you’d have to buy an 11 and so on. Others say they do not fit those with wide feet, though there aren’t many complaints regarding long feet.

Overall, these expensive Sliders and Runners are status symbols, mostly available only on select websites like SoleSeriouss, which fans have dubbed the best online sneaker store.

Summing Up

Yeezy Runners and Slides would always be the most sought-after casual footwear, considering the limited edition colorways launched and its quick stock-outs in the market. From the moment someone even gets a hint of a rumored colorway launch to the time these colorways are officially launched, there is so much competition to buy Adidas shoes online like these that most people aren’t able to get their hands on one.

That’s why we source and stock these limited edition Yeezy Runners and Slides so that you can buy them at your convenience. Check out our Yeezy Slides and Yeezy Runners now!

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