Air Jordan 1 High OG ‘Newstalgia’: Shoes keenly awaited by female sneakerheads

Air Jordan 1 High OG ‘Newstalgia’: Shoes keenly awaited by female sneakerheads

Why can’t Air Jordan release shoes in women’s sizes? For long, many women have complained to Air Jordan about the lack of women-specific Air Jordan silhouettes. Despite having a large Air Jordan 1 collection, Nike did not release Air Jordan’s for the fairer sex until 1998 when the first women’s flagship Air Jordan was released. Many people wonder, why the bias? 

Why sports like basketball are considered ‘masculine’?

In this age of egalitarianism, there are still some intrinsic biases when it comes to sports. Despite having women’s teams, basketball, football, hockey, and boxing are considered ‘manly’ sports, even in the West till this day. When it comes to women's sports, tennis and gymnastics are quite popular, considering the elegance and poise needed for these sports. Most people will watch men’s basketball matches and know the who’s who of the basketball teams. These same people wouldn’t even know who the captain of the women’s basketball team is, as most don’t follow them.

This is changing, slowly but surely.

With these new arrival sneakers, Air Jordan aims to make right the wrongs they had done in the past. 

What most female sneakerheads want

Despite sales reaching up to $2.4 billion, Nike did not release any limited version Air Jordans in women’s sizes. With women having slightly smaller feet than men, most women have to make do with men’s sizes that may fit them. For instance, if the average woman with US size 5.5 wanted a pair of Air Jordans, she would have to take the men’s US size 6 or 7. Now that Air Jordan is releasing a women-friendly colorway, most female sneakerheads are eagerly waiting to buy Air Jordan 1 High OG ‘Newstalgia’ as they come in women’s sizes.

All about the Nike Air Jordan 1 High OG

From afar, these sneakers look like an ordinary pair of Air Jordan 1. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find the most unique feature of these shoes- a ‘Chenille’ red Swoosh logo on both the shoes. Besides this, the university red and white overlays look amazing on the feet. These shoes come with a red square hangtag that has the same carpet-like surface as the Chenille Swoosh logo.

Also called the ‘Newstalgia’ colorway, these shoes are scheduled to drop on July 23, 2022.

Why is buying Air Jordans like this ‘Newstalgia’ so difficult?

The big demand-supply gap makes it incredibly difficult to get a pair of Air Jordans from the official sources. Just like other Air Jordans, these ‘Newstalgia’ Air Jordan 1 Highs will get sold out within minutes of the drop. Don’t get demotivated though, you could get these kicks from the Best Online Sneaker Store.

Here, you can get the shoes for a price that reflects reality. This is unlike the grey market, where you may have to shell out more than double the official price for your sized shoes from resellers. What’s more, you could even pay in installments through various payment channels. Book yourself a pair now before stocks run out!

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