Air Jordan 3 Retro 'Black Cement Gold' Women's: A priceless iteration of the AJ3

It’s been more than 3 decades since the launch of the first Air Jordan 3 shoes. Despite this being such an old silhouette, there are still countless sneakerheads vying to buy the latest iteration of these shoes. Besides Air Jordans, other Nike shoes, and a few Adidas shoes, there are no retro top selling sneakers that sell as quickly as the Air Jordans. So, what makes the Air Jordans so special?

Why do people still buy Air Jordans despite it being more than 3 decades old?

To put it short, the Air Jordans are timeless classics. With the legendary Michael Jordan wearing most of the shoes to his matches, the Air Jordans became an aspirational purchase for millions of basketball fans worldwide. 

Nike capitalized on this fame by releasing iterations and newer colorways of these iconic kicks. This strategy has become so popular that generations and generations of sneaker collectors still consider their Air Jordan shoes their most prized possession.

How ‘reinvented’ versions of Air Jordans remain priceless

This October, Air Jordan is releasing a reinvented version of the Air Jordan 3. This time though, it has been designed mainly for women. 

The Air Jordan 3 Retro 'Black Cement Gold' Women's shoe comes in a black leather upper with gold overlays on the tongue and collar. This is an advancement of the previous ‘Cement Grey’ colorway which used grey, black, and red as the primary colors. This ‘Black Cement Gold’ colorway, however, retains the ‘Fire Red’ accents on the Jumpman logo and tongue, some of the lace eyelets, and the sock liner.

This iteration of the Air Jordan 3 would remain priceless for any woman who’d try to cop it. As expected, Air Jordan would release only a small quantity of these shoes, which is never enough considering the high demand for such limited edition shoes.

When is this iteration of the Air Jordan 3 release?

Air Jordan plans to release this iteration on October 6th, 2022. Sneakerheads, especially women fans are waiting with bated breath for these shoes to release, as Air Jordan releases very few colorways and iterations exclusively targeted at women. In fact, most women used to wear men’s sizes whenever they wanted to buy any Air Jordans. It was only a few years ago did Air Jordan release women-specific silhouettes and iterations of these shoes.

How to buy these Air Jordan shoes?

With the limited quantities dropped, there are few places you could buy these shoes to add to your Air Jordan 3 sneakers collection. These include the Nike official site and a few retail stores. 

Due to the limited numbers of shoes dropped, many opportunists looking to make a quick buck use automated bots or special software to purchase the shoes just as it launches online.

Many genuine sneakerheads have no option but to turn to the grey market, where you can Buy Air Jordan sneakers at more than twice the original price. However, this does not mean you’ve missed the opportunity to buy.

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