Air Jordan 5 Jade Horizon: How Nike markets its old sneaker silhouettes

Air Jordan 5 Jade Horizon: How Nike markets its old sneaker silhouettes

Apr 20, 2022

The Air Jordan’s are a class of their own. Despite the silhouettes being more than 30 years old, they still sell out instantly. These shoes aren’t known just for their name, they embody Michael Jordan’s allure. Nike and Michael Jordan didn’t just collaborate for the Air Jordan brand, they showed how basketball shoes could be the most trending sneakers for men and women.

How Nike made a 30-year-old silhouette desirable?

Even though Nike itself has come up with many new technologies to aid physical activities, Nike has worked hard over the years to sustain the demand for older versions of the Air Jordans. There is one way they do so- release the same silhouette in newer design cues and colorways.

The Air Jordan Retro Jade Horizon is a prime example. While the first Air Jordan 5 was released way back in 1990, various limited-edition colorways have motivated sneakerheads to buy them. The same can be said for those sneakerheads who aim to Buy Air Jordan 5 Jade Horizon.

Though this colorway was slated to be released in November 2021, things got delayed due to the COVID pandemic. After months of speculation, these kicks will finally release on April 9, 2022.

All about the Air Jordan Retro Jade Horizon

This modern ‘retro-inspired’ colorway comes with a yellowing upper. Its lack lock, outsoles, and signature netting come with a yellowing color, which adds to the retro look. In contrast, the shoe’s tongue comes in a light blue color with a centered silver Jumpman logo.

How Nike uses ‘limited editions’ as its trump card

Limited edition Air Jordan sneakers for men in various colorways have fascinated sneaker fanatics for a long. Along with limited drops of classic Air Jordans, Nike re-releases the retro colorways of these iconic kicks regularly. Besides this, Nike collaborates with leading celebrities, brands, and others to bring new designer colorways that would interest sneakerheads and fans of those respective celebrities and brands.

Nike very well knows that its customers want something new always. They know that the same colorway will be popular only for a brief time. Coming with different colorways is how Nike and Air Jordan manage to keep the popularity of their older silhouettes alive. This strategy has worked so well that there is now an entire grey market for previously dropped colorways. Some are so famous, that they sell for more than twice the retail price for these shoes.

How to get hold of limited edition Air Jordans?

Due to its limited numbers, these unique colorways of retro Air Jordans are quite difficult to buy. You will need to keep an eye out online to see when Nike is scheduled to release these colorways. Even if you place an order online for your favorite shoes on Air Jordan’s official website, there is no guarantee you would get hold of a pair that matches your size. There are just too many people trying to buy these shoes, many of who use automated bots to purchase shoes in the small window of sales.

The next best option you have is to buy from the Best online sneaker store. Here, you can buy the latest Air Jordan shoes drops after the official drop. What’s more, you can register to buy so that you do not miss an opportunity. How great is that!
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