AJ1 High Gorge Green : A simple colorway worth buying

AJ1 High Gorge Green : A simple colorway worth buying

Dec 20, 2022

The classic Air Jordan 1 silhouette now comes with a gorge green colorway. Most of us are so used to the Air Jordan 1 that the various colorways available don’t seem to surprise us. This High Gorge Green colorway is one of them. However, like always, Air Jordan and Nike seem to have some hidden meaning behind launching a green and white colorway of the Air Jordan 1. No wonder why hardcore sneakerheads are waiting to cop these new arrival sneakers online when they’ll release on December 20, 2022.

Air Jordan 1 High Gorge Green specs

As per the Air Jordan 1 design, the upper comes in overlays of Gorge green and white leather. The laces are green, and so is the sole. This shoe comes embroidered with a white Swoosh at the sides and the Air Jordan logo at the ankle. The toe box is white with perforations as per the standard Air Jordan 1 design. The outsole is white, as is the case with many dual-toned Air Jordan 1s.

What makes this Air Jordan 1 a great buy?

This colorway of the Air Jordan isn’t too flashy or loud, it comes with toned-down colors in white and green. This makes it a great option to use these shoes daily, as against other colorways that you wear only for special occasions. In other words, you can cop these Top-Selling sneakers online for their simplicity. These do not draw attention to themselves, and thus you need not worry about these shoes getting stolen.

Why should you buy authentic Air Jordan 1’s?

When it comes to simple colorways like this, many of you would think- why should I Buy Air Jordan 1 High Gorge Green from the best online sneaker store when I can get knockoffs for a better price elsewhere? We can understand your concern, but do remember, Air Jordans aren’t just any pair of shoes, they are an investment. You could sell your authentic Air Jordan 1s online and get a great price, while your knockoff AJ1s may disintegrate in no time. 

AJ1 High Gorge Green

Where to buy these Air Jordans?

If everything goes to plan, these shoes are scheduled to be dropped on December 20 online and in a few physical stores. However, as is the case with all Air Jordans, getting your hands on a pair is nothing less than an achievement. To Buy Trending Sneakers online, many sneaker fans go to extreme lengths to buy their favorite kicks. Many turn to the grey market where opportunists buy using bots during the drop and sell the kicks for multiple times their sale price.

With the best online sneaker store, you need not turn to the grey market. Here, you can buy the latest Nikes and Air Jordans at a realistic price, and that is too much later than the official drop. Though you’d need to register for the sale, you could stand a chance to buy the authentic Air Jordans that you so longed to own. Register for the sale now to buy your favorite Air Jordans!
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