How have people responded to the Air Jordan 1 mid?

How have people responded to the Air Jordan 1 mid?

Feb 10, 2022

The Air Jordan 1 is special to Nike. It was the first sneaker that Nike made in collaboration with Michael Jordan and saw unprecedented popularity amongst sneakerheads. First released in 1985, the Air Jordan 1 has since been retroed and released in many colorways, still selling out like hotcakes.

Though today’s Air Jordan 1 colorways are quite different from the original, the design more or less remains the same- the iconic Nike swoosh on the side uppers, the distinct patterns on the outsole, and the same leather overlayed patterns across the shoe.

With time, these sneakers also come with mid-tops, like the Air Jordan 1 Mid. These sneakers come in various colorways from the classic red and white to metallic gold, Chicago Black toe, Turf orange, Tropical Twist, and many more. Nike has released Air Jordans for everyone- from toddlers to adult sizes for both men and women.

How did the Air Jordan 1 become so popular?

This has something to do with the NBA. To start with, Michael Jordan had to wait almost a year for Nike to come up with the Air Jordan 1. Mike wore these for his rookie season, but the NBA banned them as they did not match the NBA’s uniform standards at the time.

Nike used this to their advantage, releasing an advert that became extremely popular. Nike even went to the level of paying the $5,000 fine every time Mike wore these shoes on the court. Besides this, Mike’s amazing performance on the court helped Nike make the Air Jordan 1 extremely popular.

At the time of launch, Nike had estimated it would sell about 100,000 pairs of Air Jordan 1s. They were so popular that Nike ended up selling more than 3 million pairs by May 1985, selling a total of about $55 million Air Jordan 1s by that time. Such was the popularity of the Air Jordan 1 that before its release, there was already a waiting list at retailers for those who wanted to buy a pair.

Air Jordan 1 Mid- A timeless retro 

Earlier, most of the Air Jordan sneakers for men came in colorways that suited the basketball court. Now, these have become timeless fashion accessories that come in colorways for both men, women, and kids. For comfort and convenience, the Air Jordans now comes in three versions- Low (Regular sneakers up to the ankle), Mid ( Sneakers that cover the ankle), and High (Sneakers that are a little higher than the ankle)

It is only with the Air Jordan 1 that Nike has so many versions and colorways. These are timeless classics that will always capture sneakerheads' and fashionistas' attention.

However, some critics despise the various colorways and versions of the Air Jordan 1. They feel whoever buy Air Jordan 1 Mid online in various colorways does so just for the hype, and nothing else. The Air Jordan Mid and Low lack originality, they are like silver and bronze to the classic Air Jordan 1 high. Also, the classic Air Jordan 1 has a high resale value (they are the ORIGINAL, remember!) while these modified colorways have diluted the popularity of the Air Jordan 1 highs.

In the end

No matter what the critics say, people have been enchanted by the various colorways and versions of the Air Jordan 1. This shows with its strong sales, despite being a design that is more than 35 years old. Over the years, the various colorways and versions have made the Air Jordan 1 an aspirational purchase for people of all ages.

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