How To Buy Shoes Online On The Release Date?

How To Buy Shoes Online On The Release Date?

Nov 24, 2021

Sneakerheads must have the latest pair of Jordans, Nike, Adidas, or their preferred sneaker on the release date. If you don't plan, you can find yourself with sold-out sneakers. Many sneaker aficionados rely on message boards and blogs for dates and prices, but they are frequently misled by conflicting information. The greatest strategy to ensure your future purchase is to be informed of the shoe's availability by store, size, color, and brand. You'll have a higher chance of receiving your sneakers before or on their official release date if you get a head start. For that, you have to buy sneakers online from the best sneaker store.

Choose Your Site 

Expand to additional sites, skim over the shoemaker's history, and read reviews to ensure that release dates are accurate. Visit Sole Seriouss to get all the updated information from one source. Sign up to receive emails from your favorite sneaker brand. NikeStore, for example, distributes unique offers and the latest trends to its customers via email. This source can provide you with exclusive release date knowledge before other sneaker lovers.

Check Availability 

Check availability, color, and sneaker size by calling a chain sneaker retailer. Find out when your sneakers will be available for purchase so you can plan your shopping trip accordingly. Some sneakers are only available on weekends. In addition, some sneaker stores will distribute their footwear at midnight on the day of release. So, if you want to buy Air Jordan sneakers for men, then contact the store priorly to get the exact details. 


Make sure you have enough money to make the purchase. Call beforehand to find out how much tax you'll have to pay. Get a good estimate so you don't run out of money on the day of the release. For example, if you buy Adidas shoes online or buy Nike shoes online, you will have to pay extra for taxes too. 

Stay Updated

Make use of all of your sneaker contacts. Make friends with retail sales staff, for example, who can provide you with insider information about availability. If you're a regular customer, you might be eligible for discounts from time to time. Visit the Sole Seriouss website regularly for all the updates. 

Buy Sneakers Online 

Purchase your footwear on the internet. If you don't need to try on your sneakers before buying them, companies like Sole Seriouss sell them on the release date, or even earlier if they are available. Pre-ordering is also possible on the same website. 


There are a slew of websites where you can receive new releases. You might go directly to the manufacturer, such as Nike, Adidas, or Reebok. These internet retailers, we've discovered, are almost always ready for a release. You can live chat or follow their Twitter account to get the latest updates. 

Many websites have gone down during major releases, and this is usually not a problem for these merchants because they expect large crowds and have the tools in place to handle them. So, visiting our website will be beneficial, as we know how to serve all our clients without any glitch. 

Try Your Luck 

You might also try your luck at Sole Seriouss, which sells sneakers online. Stick to the major websites because, as previously stated, they will be prepared to handle a large volume of orders and, as a larger retailer, they will most likely have the bandwidth to handle the smaller stores.


Let's move on to pre-orders. Most merchants do not allow pre-orders, but you can locate some websites, including Sole Seriouss, where you can place your purchase a few weeks ahead of time, and they will handle everything for you. Some sites might cheat you under the name of pre-order, so just verify the site and then buy sneakers. Stick to Sole Seriouss for buying any sneakers online. You'll not only get the authentic sneakers but will also get them on time as promised.  

Here are some general guidelines for ordering online:

  • Have an account that is already set up with your details and is logged in.
  • Make sure the web page is open and ready to go before you start.
  • For updates, follow any Twitter accounts.
  • Open a backup site in a separate tab window.

Final Words 

Didn't strike it rich the first time around? Keep an eye out for restocks on various websites. Miracles occur when customers order the wrong size or have had no luck reselling their sneakers, so they return them. It'll never happen for major launches, but if you have luck you will get them. Buy sneakers from the best online sneaker store for authentic sneakers.
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