MNVN 700 ‘Phosphor’: Why Adidas needs to launch new colorways of famous silhouettes

MNVN 700 ‘Phosphor’: Why Adidas needs to launch new colorways of famous silhouettes

Jun 24, 2022

Yeezy fans have another reason to rejoice- Adidas is now launching a new colorway of the famous Yeezy 700 MNVN. Nicknamed ‘Phosphor’, this colorway comes with a reflective neon-based upper with the number 700 depicted in silver reflective material. 

Despite being one of the most trending sneakers for men,  why does Adidas need to launch newer colorways despite sales being so strong?

Well, one common reason for this lies in basic economics. Besides food items, customers always want something different all the time. Though the demand for these Adidas shoes for men online is consistent, seasoned marketers know it will not be for long. That’s why newer colorways need to be introduced to evoke interest in the same model.

If we take a different example, why do you think Apple always introduces new, more technologically advanced, and sophisticated models of the iPhone every year? People see the iPhone as a product they would love to own, even if it means saving money for some time or waiting for the next launch. The same goes for the latest drops of the latest Yeezy colorways.

What makes the Yeezy MNVN 700 ‘Phosphor’ so famous?

The design teams at Adidas and Yeezy have taken great pains to design a shoe that not only matches but exceeds customer expectations. The USP of the Phosphor is perhaps its revolutionary lacing system along with Adidas’ tried and tested Boost midsole.

Though the sole looks a little too thick, sneakerheads love these shoes for their superior comfort, snug fit, and amazing looks. The neon color reflective upper is a novelty that is seen with a renewed interest in this colorway.

How Adidas uses sneaky methods to raise hype

Though this has become commonplace amongst luxury brands, Adidas too uses online hype to popularize its colorways. For brands, this is also a great way to know what the customers think about the product. For instance, if the comments and interactions with the brand’s social media pages are at an all-time high, brands can then adjust their production to align it with the increased hype and vice versa.

However, Adidas does have genuine reasons to increase hype, not like other brands that just sell anything at an artificially jacked-up price just because it is associated with that brand.

Nevertheless, Adidas routinely faces challenges in fulfilling the demand for its products.

Where to buy the Yeezy MNVN 700 ‘Phosphor’?

Though these shoes are scheduled to be dropped this week, most of those looking to buy Yeezy MNVN 700 ‘‘Phosphor’’ have been left heartbroken due to the lack of opportunity to buy these kicks.

However, they need not worry, as they can buy these shoes from the best online sneaker store. Here, you can get the latest Adidas colorways like the Yeezy MNVN 700 Phosphor much later than the official drop. All you need to do is register for the sale in advance and make your purchase in time. Here, you can even buy your favorite Adidas shoes in interest-free installments.
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