Nike SB Dunk Low OG QS x Concepts ‘Orange Lobster’ Arrives This December

Nike SB Dunk Low OG QS x Concepts ‘Orange Lobster’ Arrives This December

Dec 07, 2022

It’s wonderful news for all the sneakerheads who have been impatiently waiting for the Concepts x Nike SB Dunk ‘Lobster’ series release. The sixth iteration finally arrives in Orange Frost, Electro Orange, and White hues. Back in 2008, Concepts and Nike SB Dunk teamed up to create a ‘Lobster’ series. They released a couple of ‘Lobster’ Nike SB Dunks and sparked the most sought-after collections in sneaker history. This December, they will be releasing the sixth and final iteration with the ‘Orange Lobster’.  

About Nike SB Dunk x Concepts ‘Lobster’ series

The Nike SkateBoard (SB) Dunks were introduced in 2002 to appease the skateboarders’ newly-formed fixation on the Dunks. Since then, it has evolved from a niche skateboard sneaker into a streetwear culture defining elements from contemporary classics to luxury through effective collaborations. One such partnership is with Concepts, an American sneaker boutique. Together, they have created a memorable collection called the “Lobster” series. Originally launched in 2008, this collaborative series moves forward with its sixth installment this December.        

The Nike SB Dunk Low OG QS x Concepts ‘Orange Lobster’ is the sixth in the Lobster series following the success of Red Lobster, Blue Lobster, Yellow Lobster, Green Lobster, and Purple Lobster.

All the Lobster series colorways have been on our top-selling sneakers list. So make sure you buy Nike SB Dunk Low OG QS x Concepts ‘Orange Lobster’ here at our online store.

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Orange Lobster’ specifications

The Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Orange Lobster’ is inspired by Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali’s interpretation of lobsters. These sneakers try to recreate the hue, texture, and tone of the lobster.   Taking on the hue of cooked lobsters, these sneakers feature a leather upper in light and dark shades of orange. Lightly specked overlays, a tonal Swoosh with a white outliner, a woven Nike SB tag on the white mesh tongue, a bib-themed pattern decorating the interior lining, black midsole, and an orange rubber outsole for grip are the other prominent features on this sneaker.

Additional detailing comes in the form of black rubber bands around the forefoot region that mimics how one holds the lobster claws when they are caught. The white laces and white/orange plaid bib-themed lining in the insole are the other highlights.         

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Orange Lobster’ release date

The Nike SB Dunk Low OG QS x Concepts ‘Orange Lobster’ is set for a staggered schedule commencing from the month of December. On 2nd December, the sneaker will be released with an exclusive special edition package. On 3rd December, Europe and UK skate shops will release the footwear through online raffles. An official raffle for the EU is slated for 5th December. The sixth iteration in the coveted Lobster series will finally arrive in the U.S. on 20th December. These are already on our trending sneakers online list. We aren’t surprised looking at the popularity of the previous ‘Lobster’ series sneaker releases.  

Nike SB Dunk Low OG QS x Concepts ‘Orange Lobster

Where to buy Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Orange Lobster’

The sneaker releases on 20th December in the U.S. The sneaker comes in a special edition and regular box. You can buy Nike SB Dunk Low OG QS x Concepts ‘Orange Lobster’ (Regular Box) at SoleSeriouss, the best online sneaker store. Unlike other online stores, you don’t have to stress about participating in a raffle when you buy Nike SB Dunk sneakers online at SoleSeriouss. The process is straightforward. All you have to do is pre-order them and they will be delivered to you as soon as possible after their release. Another benefit of buying sneakers at this store is that you get to opt for the Buy Now Pay Later scheme. All the products purchased from this best online sneaker store are 100% authentic.

Wrapping Up

The Nike SB Dunk x Concept ‘Lobster’ series has been the top-selling sneakers since its release. Only a few pairs of the ‘Yellow Lobster’ sneakers were released and they fetch a premium in the resale market. It’s time for you to go after the fresh catch. Buy Nike SB Dunk Low OG QS x Concepts ‘Orange Lobster’ at SoleSeriouss now. It is a prized catch. You may have to regret it if it slips out of your hands!

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