Why do classic silhouette colorways of the Air Jordan 4 still have so many takers

Why do classic silhouette colorways of the Air Jordan 4 still have so many takers

Jun 30, 2022

Air Jordan fans are finally rewarded for their patience. After much delay, the Air Jordan 4 now comes in its brand new ‘Infrared 23’ colorway. No matter how old the design gets, there are still scores of sneakerheads who still love to collect Air Jordan sneakers for men.

You can safely say that the Air Jordan 4 is perhaps the most popular of all Air Jordan silhouettes. There is still a big market for these shoes, despite them being technologically inferior to their latest shoes that help in athletic performance and comfort.

What drives the demand for these classic silhouettes?

Most people who buy these New Arrival sneakers are millennials, while these shoes were first launched when their parents were their age. Despite Michael Jordan no longer playing professionally now, his popularity endures, still finding fans who would like to emulate him by buying their shoes from the Air Jordan brand.

Secondly, Air Jordan and Nike have smartly marketed these silhouettes, with newer designer colorways being released regularly in limited quantities. This has created a market for sneakerheads who love to collect these shoes, many of them see these shoes as an investment. No wonder many of the Air Jordan silhouette colorways are sold on dedicated grey market e-commerce sites for more than twice their original selling price.

To add some spice to the mix, Air Jordan and Nike have collaborated with leading brands, designers, and other celebrity entities to come up with colorways that millennials can relate to. Many successful collaborations include those with Supreme, the late Virgil Abloh, The North Face, and many such brands. Sometimes, Air Jordan has gone a step ahead and has come up with weird collaborations with the likes of Lego and some popular cartoon characters.

Nevertheless, for years, collecting limited edition sneakers from Air Jordan and Nike is seen as a hobby of the rich and famous. However, this just isn’t any sneaker collection. Each limited-edition sneaker appreciates over time. For instance, those who buy Air Jordan 4 Infrared 23 today might get five to ten times its original sale value whenever they intend to sell these shoes five to ten years down the line.

Why is it so difficult to buy these limited edition Air Jordan silhouette sneakers?

The answer lies in the question. ‘Limited edition’ drives up the demand for these sneakers. It doesn’t matter if the silhouette’s colorway is an in-house Air Jordan design or a collab, the fact that there are so few of them produced hikes up the interest. To add to that is the way Nike and Air Jordan jack up the hype with teasers on social media.

As we see with the Air Jordan 4 Infrared 23, these shoes were originally scheduled to be dropped in December 2021 and are now being launched this week. Those who aren’t able to buy these shoes from the official drop needn’t fret. They can buy them from the best online sneaker store. Here, the prices are close to reality and you don’t need to go to the grey market to buy. Visit now and book your purchase!

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